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the oil brush work shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the rule system

For oil, so as to ensure the oil brush and the oil in the correct position of the brush and avoid wrinkles.Square tube, modified square tube, square tube, QB square tube and hot-rolled square tube are qualified in quality inspection. The manufacturer adopts advanced equipment to ensure the quality of each product. Magnetic flux leakage testing for surface defects of square tubes is very similar to magnetic particle testing for square tubes, sensitivity and reliability are stronger than magnetic particle testing. Indirect square forming process the traditional forming process of cold-formed square pipe is to gradually roll the hot-rolled steel coil multi stand forming unit into round pipe at room temperature, and then the shaping unit will roll the round pipe into square pipe, which is called indirect square forming process. The traditional roll forming process uses the method of fixed bending point position and variable bending radian to complete the corner forming of pipe blank, excessive stress concentration often shows microcracks in the bending process of profiles, which will lead to cracking in serious cases. The products with such defects have serious consequences when they are used in building steel structures. The study of the broken square tube column in the Hanshin earthquake in Japan shows that the corner microcrack is the main cause of the square tube fracture. At the same time, due to the different forming bending radians of products with different wall thickness, the universality of rolls is limited. The large-size cold-formed square tube used in the process adopts the advanced & ldquo; Direct Square & rdquo; The production process is to directly roll the hot-rolled steel coil into a square and rectangular shape at room temperature.Manila melon,General shot blasting is used for square tube with regular shape. Several polishing heads are up,Manila melonDN25 hot dip galvanized pipe, down, left and right, with high efficiency and little pollution.Impact toughness the load acting on the machine part at a great speed by QB is called impact load, and the ability of metal under impact load is called impact toughness.Buin,When storing QB square pipe, we need to select a suitable place. We need to think about many external factors, such as the corrosivity of steel pipe etc. Therefore, the place must be clean, dry and ventilated, where harmful gases appear QB square pipe can not appear, weeds and other sundries should be removed in time, and the outer surface of steel should be kept clean. If there are acid, alkali, etc. in the warehouse, it is easy to react with the steel pipe and corrode the steel pipe, so try to cut it and don't let it. In addition, if we can think about those higher metal products, we can put them into the warehouse for very good retention. According to geographical conditions, there is a sealed warehouse, but the ventilation setting is excellent. The difference between QB square tube and seamless steel tube QB square tube is a kind of high-precision steel tube material after cold drawing or hot rolling treatment. QB square tube is mainly used to produce products of pneumatic or hydraulic components, such as air cylinder or oil cylinder, which can be seamless pipe or welded pipe, because there is no oxide layer on the inner and outer walls of QB square tube, high finish high precision, flaring and flattening without cracks. The chemical composition of QB square tube includes carbon silicon Si, manganese Mn, sulfur s, phosphorus P and chromium CR.Plasticity QB square plasticity refers to the ability of metal materials to produce plastic deformation (deformation) without deformation under load.The surface of galvanized square pipe treated by sand blasting, shot blasting or pickling process is relatively clean, and the oxide scale and rust are removed, which improves the adhesion of the coating. When the installation site unconditionally adopts sand blasting and shot blasting, manual and mechanical derusting can be adopted, but the derusting quality level must be reached.

Manila melonQuotation of 80 galvanized square pipeHow can enterprises save themselves

Principle of cold drawing strengthening: the lattice defects of steel increase during plastic deformation, and the serious distortion of defect lattice will hinder the progress and slip of lattice, so the yield point of steel increases and the plasticity and toughness decrease. Due to the internal stress in plastic deformation, the modulus of steel decreases. The cold drawn reinforcement is stored at room temperature for ~ d or heated to ~ ℃ and maintained for a fixed time. This process is called aging treatment.(& sigma; Su): the large stress before the yield stress of the sample decreases for the first time; Lower yield point (& sigma; SL): the small stress in the yield stage when the initial instantaneous effect is not considered. The calculation formula of yield point is as follows: where: FS -- yield force (constant) in the tensile process of the sample, n (Newton) so -- original cross-sectional area of the sample, mm. Elongation after fracture (& sigma;) in the tensile test, the percentage of the length increased by the gauge length of the sample after breaking to the original gauge length is called elongation.Cleaning solvent and emulsion can clean the surface of square tube to remove oil, grease, dust,Manila melonGalvanized strip square pipe company, agent and similar organic matter, but it can not remove rust, scale, welding, etc. on the surface of square tube, so it is only used as an auxiliary means in production.reform,Compared with other welding, square pipe welding has many advantages, mainly because of the exothermic reaction the material only needs to be heated below the melting pointStage ( & mdash; )Comprehensive classification ordinary steel A. carbon structural steel: (a) Q (b) Q (b); (c) Q( C); (d) Q( B); (e) Q.

Manila melonQuotation of 80 galvanized square pipeHow can enterprises save themselves

Hardness hardness is a pointer to measure the hardness and softness of metal materials. At present, the hardness method is commonly used to measure the hardness in production. It uses the indenter with fixed geometry to measure the hardness value of the metal material surface tested under fixed load according to the degree of hardness.Product range,Hardness hardness is a pointer to measure the hardness and softness of metal materials. At present, the hardness method is commonly used to measure the hardness in production. It uses the indenter with fixed geometry to measure the hardness value of the metal material surface tested under fixed load according to the degree of hardness.After the square tube is cut into a single square tube, the head and root of each batch of square tube shall be subject to strict first inspection. The mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion condition, surface quality of square tube and NDT shall be carried out to ensure that the pipe making process is qualified before it can be officially put into production.Pull square tube:Manila melon,For transportation: water supply, drainage, sewage treatment engineering, mud transportation, marine water transportation.The square tube is divided into a. boiling steel according to the degree of deoxidation and pouring; b. Semi killed steel; c. Killed steel; d. Special killed steel. The deformation of qb square tube is mainly caused by the shrinkage force of the weld greater than the strength of the base metal.After spraying (throwing) derusting, it can not only expand the physical adsorption on the pipe surface, but also enhance the mechanical adhesion between the layer and the pipe surface. Therefore, spray (throwing) derusting is an ideal derusting method for pipelines. Generally speaking, shot blasting (sand) is mainly used for the inner surface treatment of the pipe, and shot blasting (sand) is mainly used for the outer surface treatment of the pipe. Several problems should be paid attention to in derusting by spraying (throwing).

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