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CDC provides tips for safe at home this holiday season.

Atlanta, Georgia – Thanksgiving has passed, but the men safely through the rest of the holiday season must be the Centre for disease control and prevention.

CDC home five weeks off holiday safety tips that they hope will help families across the country stay safe at least through the holidays, which is the time of the accident are likely this year.

Five tips by CDC are:

1. don't let your holiday go up in smoke.
Winter is the season to place candles, fire or fireplace set tree to decorate your holiday table. Unfortunately, there are four candles, light a chance that will happen during the winter holidays. The kitchen is the source of danger: 72 percent of fires account for Thanksgiving.

Warning always. Install a smoke alarm on every floor of your home to reduce the risk of dying in a fire by half. Make sure to test the alarm once a month and change the batteries at least once per year.
Mind the furnace boiler The wooden kitchenware and food packaging, towels out of the oven, never leave the stove, even a couple of minutes – and turn off the stove, if you leave the kitchen.
Blow it out. Make sure that all candles. Smoking materials and fireplaces were extinguished. Before leaving the bedroom. Don't forget to unplug your holiday lights too.
2. Beware of kitchen nightmares