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   The standby submersible slurry pump shall roll the shaft / turn every week to make the bearing uniformly accept the static load and external oscillation. The building structure in the water pump room shall be reconstructed. Sound absorbing and isolating plates shall be installed around the wall and on the top of the machine room and fixed with light steel keel; The connecting holes between the machine room and other rooms are tightly blocked,  Carbon building materials, chemical industry and other industrial industries are mainly used to transport abrasive pastes containing solid particles.Omaha,  Or the liquid contains fibers. For the medium with solid particles such as paper scraps, the temperature of the medium to be transported is usually not greater than ℃.   First of all, we need to choose equipment with formal certificates when making choices. We must avoid buying some obsolete or inferior products. And sometimes when the pump is in use,  Most of the time, we don&#;t know how to choose the pump when we buy it. In fact, we only need to choose the appropriate equipment according to our own use needs when we choose it. It&#;s more like that in a conventional family, when we use it, the flow is small   The gas inadvertently entered in the equipment is discharged and good sealing performance is ensured.   there is also a simple method to measure the vibration frequency of the pump by vibration method. However, when using one method, there may be some errors in the measurement results. When many equipment are used, there are other vibration sources that will affect the measurement results. Therefore, in fact, it is mainly

OmahaSingle stage slurry pumpIt has laid a foundation for the development of heavy industry enterprises

   Prepare tools and materials: a set of metric box / open-end wrench, bearing puller (commonly known as triangle puller), magnetic dial indicator, outside micrometer, caliper, feeler gauge,OmahaVertical centrifugal slurry pump, square ruler, copper bar, screwdriver with handle, hammer V-shaped irons of the same specification, clean kerosene, oil basin, cotton yarn, etc.  In order to facilitate the disassembly of the impeller, during the design of the slurry pump, the impeller is connected with the pump shaft through reverse buckle. This is why the impeller will be turned off when installing a new slurry pump. Therefore, we must pay attention to the impeller marked on the pump body during preliminary installation and use   If it is found that the impeller is damaged and the liquid supply is insufficient it is necessary to replace the new impeller in time for use.Inspection items,  What should be paid attention to in the process? Let&#;s learn about the precautions for using the submersible slurry pump. When the equipment is in use, the pump itself generally needs to be placed on land for use, but its suction pipe needs to be placed in water  The submersible slurry pump is developed to adapt to the increasingly complex working conditions and facilitate the use of users. Its use mode is more flexible. The equipment has advanced structure, wide flow passage, excellent material selection and strong corrosion resistance. Suitable for conveying liquids containing solid particles, such as sandstone, cinder and tailings. So what are the requirements for its work? Let&#;s understand briefly.   The slurry pump mainly aims at conveying flow, so the flow meter (meter) shall be installed in the operation monitoring system as far as possible to monitor whether the flow meets the requirements at any time; In the pipeline system, slag flushing system and pressure filtration dehydration system equipped with hydrocyclone, certain

OmahaSingle stage slurry pumpIt has laid a foundation for the development of heavy industry enterprises

  The higher the specific speed of submersible slurry pump,OmahaHorizontal wear-resistant slurry pump, the smaller the allowable cutting amount of impeller diameter. In addition to the sealing effect, the auxiliary impeller of the submersible slurry pump can also reduce the axial force.index,  What stands out is the sealing of the container. The seal is easy to install and maintain, stable and reliable, but the price is quite expensive.  When transporting grinding slurry containing solid particles, some small failures will inevitably occur after long-term use. If these faults are not found and handled in time,OmahaSewage pump diving, and even shorten the service life of the pump in serious cases. To avoid  The vertical sand pump is generally a submersible slurry pump. Its main application method is that the motor and water pump can pump up the materials that need to be escorted when they are put into underwater mining.Omaha,   repair and level the welding part of the submersible slurry pump with a file, clean the part to be bound with alcohol again and wipe it dry.  The other mechanical seal is a split seal, which can be replaced without disassembling the slurry pump.  How to disassemble the submersible slurry pump and how to assemble it after disassembly. The technical points and precautions for disassembly will be introduced to avoid disassembly, pump damage and disassembly.

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